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Tia Nicole was born in Detroit, but was raised in a small town called Oak Park, Michigan. Tia explored many different career fields over the years. She finally decided to make the media industry her forte.

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Tia Nicole Media was founded in the middle of a global pandemic in June 2020. Tia Nicole was put out of work due to the entire world being shut down for nearly 90 days. After working in the media industry and being laid off due to COVID-19, Tia decided to create something that she could never be fired from. During the 90-day quarantine Tia started being more active on YouTube by producing videos that gave people some insight on what they could do with their time at home. The next video turned into her introduction video so that viewers could get to know her better.

Then one-night Tia Nicole came up with an idea that could help small businesses and startup companies gain exposure towards their business. She started a show called “Activated Journeys”. This show allows guest to come on to the show to discuss their journey on how they started their business, the services they offer or the products they sell and how people can get in contact with them. This was a great way for businesses to gain exposure during a difficult time. The Activated Journeys series ran for 2 years and has now ended. With endings there are new beginnings. Inside Scoop has taken over our YouTube channel. It's a show that shares valuable resources, information on business, multiple streams of income and content creation.

Tia Nicole attended Specs Howard School of Media Arts in the Broadcast Media Arts Program. During her time at Specs Howard Tia made genuine friendships and worked with some amazing talented individuals. She was awarded On-Air Talent by her classmates at graduation. She gained experience in the industry and then started her freelance venture in videography, editing and voice-over work that led to a full-service media production company of her own. Since then, Tia Nicole has been featured on Comcast Network, Build Institute, Voyage Michigan and Shoutout Atlanta Magazines for her continued effort to help small businesses recover from COVID-19 with digital content. Tia Nicole Media is the all around content creator in the media industry.

About Us: About Us
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